A New Beginning

For the past couple years I have always told people that I wanted to create something that people could look at and know about what life with diabetes was like. I started a blog, and then quickly ran out of steam. Then I started a YouTube channel, which became very hard to keep up with (mostly because if I don’t have to change out of my pajamas, I won’t, and filming made me do that), so I burned out within a week.

But I still felt like I was supposed to be creating something wonderful, something people would see and feel inspired by, and that feeling was eating me up inside.

And then I got sick, like “stay on bedrest for a few weeks” kind of sick.

It sucked.

But while I was stuck on bedrest, I found this vlog on YouTube that was an everyday vlog. Some days the videos were half an hour long, and sometimes they were only a few minutes. It made me realize that I was going about it all wrong. I was trying too hard to plan what I was doing that I was missing all the day to day things that were really driving my point home.

So I made a new game plan. Just blog. Don’t worry about what I am going to say and write what happens whether it’s good or it’s bad.

So just as my family has finished our Spring Cleaning, starting with a clean slate, I am starting with a clean slate as well.

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